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Meet Doc M.A.C. 

DocM.A.C. is short for Dr. Margena A. Christian, owner and founder of DocM.A.C. Write Consulting, which provides professional development, editing, proofreading and writing services as such is related to management, education  and personal development. In November 2018, she founded DocM.A.C. Write Publishing.

Dr. Christian is a Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and served as Assistant Director of the First-Year Writing Program (Spring 2018-Spring 2019).           

Empire: The House That John H. Johnson Built (The Life & Legacy of Pioneering Publishing Magnate) Hardcover

African-American stories were overlooked by mainstream media until John H. Johnson showed the world the value of black life. In his magazines EBONY and JET, the publisher and businessman presented never-before-told accounts and used captivating, memorable images to share stories of black people. In Empire: The House That John H. Johnson Built (The Life & Legacy of Pioneering Publishing Magnate), Margena A. Christian conducts extensive archival research, drawing upon rare sources and a personal decade-long relationship as an employee under the direct tutelage of Johnson. She meticulously constructs the complex story of what made the founder of these magazines become one of history’s greatest publishers and businessmen. The poor boy from Arkansas City, Arkansas, who picked cotton as a child, advised presidents and civil rights leaders. He went on to become the first black person named to the Forbes 400 Richest Americans and amassed an empire, ranging from publishing, cosmetics, travel, radio stations, TV shows, hair care products, and world’s largest traveling fashion show.